Renata Feyen
  • Female
  • 60 years
  • Belgium



I am Blogger, Influencer, and my niche is Fashion and Lifestyle, but that also includes Skincare.
I am very creative and owned an Etsy shop for a while with my own handmade jewelry. To promote this shop, I started blogging in 2017 by reviewing other people’s Etsy shops.
Health issues forced me to close my Etsy shop, but the love for blogging grew on me so I kept my blog running.
I have worked with several shops in the Fashion and Lifestyle space. I focus mainly on reviews, fashion, and handmade. I always infuse my blog post with parts of my personality.
I would love to review an item of yours and write about it. Naturally, that would include giving more info on your shop on my blog too.

I live in Belgium but write my blog in English to reach a bigger audience.

I share my blog post on Instagram - Twitter - Pinterest - Facebook and in different Facebook groups

If you would like to know more, please just ask.

Looking forward to hearing from you


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